Anything you need for your company:
logo, colors, fonts and more. 

Waldachtaler Gartengem├╝se

colorful, handmade & fresh, please.

That was the vision for Waldachtaler Gartengem├╝se, for which I did their Corporate Design, logo, website and flyer.


one name, three companies.

Marco Wader needed to give a structure to his companies. In order to do so I came up with his logos and website. 


approachable & professional

This is what VEO, for whom I did CD, logo and website, stands for. 

Traumhaft Massgeschneidert

Uniquely just for you.

Not only was I able to do CD and logo for Traumhaft Massgeschneidert, but am still doing everything graphic and print related for them. 


one woman, many skills.

That's how the Potts Weg came into existence, for whom I did CD, logo and website. 

more LOGOS

for the juwellery brand Wunderwald Art

for physiotherapist Lukas Pflugfelder

Figurative mark and logo for Matthias Droll 

for the DJs El3ctrio

for therapist Valerie from Momo Hilft

for the boys of Athleaco

for the photographer Julia Rahn

for the podcast x-stimmig